Agency for communication

We must always seek dialogue with our neighbor.
Talk is the only bridge between people.

Albert Camus

You want your messages to reach your target groups? Through catchy written and spoken texts, through effective media work and successful events, or even through comprehensive marketing and PR support? With us, your public relations and marketing concerns are in experienced hands. We listen to you, embrace your wishes and advise you. We develop tailor-made concepts for you, design the associated projects and implement the appropriate measures.

Who we are

Only those who burn themselves can ignite others.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Rauhe, musician, mediator and manager

Photo: Michael Kleinespel

At Oelschlägel PR Solutions everything revolves around communication, particularly in the areas of real estate, tourism and hotels, golf and art. We are reliably at your side with a network of professional partners.

Creative head of the agency: Angela Oelschlägel.

The Germanist, Anglicist and communication scientist has more than 25 years experience in leading roles in tourism destination marketing and as Head of Communication in the hotel, real estate and golf industry. A diverse and solid foundation.

Angela is a specialist in language and texts, as well as a great contact-maker and organizer. In addition to her know-how she offers you a great deal of enthusiasm for your cause, helping you to reach your goal with the best results.

What we offer

Don't say everything you know, but always know what you're saying.

Matthias Claudius, poet


  • Press releases and newsletter
  • Flyers, brochures, catalogues, websites
  • Letters, editorials, greetings
  • Speeches of all kinds, from laudation to dinner speech
  • Presentations
  • Editing of texts
  • Topic-related research

All around PR

  • PR concepts (off- and online)
  • Media information
  • Press trips and PR events
  • Press conferences and meetings
  • Media cooperations
  • PR seminars, text training
  • Corporate design, branding
  • Image films, radio PR
  • Web and social media projects


  • Destination management
  • Events
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Sales support material
  • Cross promotions
  • Fact-finding tours
  • Sales missions
  • Advertising advice
  • Strategies and concepts


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